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New Markup Assist features, including:MarkupPropertiesDefine blocksMatch dimensionsMarkup Assist is available in the default installation, and is compatible with every Ribbon Tab on the AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT main menus.Workflow improvements:Exporting DWG and DXF files:Exporting to DWG or DXF is now faster and more reliable. This update also resolves an issue that caused DWG and DXF export to use a separate sub process, which can cause delays during a build. (Dynamic Maps:Dynamic maps now have automatic refresh and more dynamic support. Select "Refresh dynamic map for objects on a selected drawing area" from the Dynamic Map Manager, and all objects that are added or moved to the map will be automatically added or removed from the dynamic map area. Dynamic maps also have a new "dynamic map" property. A value of "Yes" will make objects follow the shape of the map area, and a value of "No" will make objects respect the space between the edges of the dynamic map area (in addition to being removed from the map).The update improves the functionality and usability of Dynamic Maps, and adds Dynamic Maps data validation. Dynamic maps can now be set to "Editor", "Notepad", or "Multiple editors" and include a new "Validators" tab. The "Validators" tab enables users to control how Dynamic Maps data is validated: Validate by number, checkbox, or an expression.Dynamic Maps now supports columns, rowbreaks, and dimstyle properties. Also, Dynamic Maps now supports multiple dynamic map definitions in a project, and multiple dynamic maps are now synchronized if the number of Dynamic Maps definitions in the project changes.Map dialog:Map dialogs have been improved, with more information about the maps in the Map Browser window, and the ability to select a range of drawing objects by dragging.Moved many properties:Moved many properties related to fonts and text to the Text Editor for easier access.Merging annotations:Users can now easily merge annotations by dragging annotations to the same spot.New functions:AutoCAD users can now use reference objects in nested models.Timeline 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [Updated] 2022

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